Key Facts

HYBRICO provides end-to-end energy-as-a-service solutions allowing our clients to focus their CAPEX on core expansions, reducing their operational expenses and increasing uptime by trusting their energy needs to us, the experts.


HYBRICO has developed solutions for single and multi‑tenant sites in both Off‑Grid and Bad‑Grid environments.

Off-Grid: no commercial energy available
Bad-Grid: unreliable commercial energy
Other ratings available by request

Capacity @ -48VDC Model Application
1.0 kW BG 1.0 Bad-Grid
2.0 kW OG 2.0 Off-Grid
BG 2.0 Bad-Grid
3.5 kW OG 3.5 Off-Grid
BG 3.5 Bad-Grid
5.0 kW OG 5.0 Off-Grid
BG 5.0 Bad-Grid
6.5 kW OG 6.5 Off-Grid
BG 6.5 Bad-Grid
8 kW BG 8.0 Bad-Grid
10.0 kW BG 10.0 Bad-Grid
12.0 kW BG 12.0 Bad-Grid
14.0 kW BG 14.0 Bad-Grid
16.0 kW BG 16.0 Bad-Grid

Robust Modular Compact IoT-Based

Leading-edge hybrid technology “tropicalized” for anti-tampering, security and easy transport, installation and operation in remote locations; based on 20+ years of tower maintenance experience.


Turn your phone to compare a regular diesel generator to Hybrico's features.



HYBRICO has the only end-to-end energy-as-a-service solution for both off-grid and bad-grid mission critical sites in the market.

  • Our long-term fixed* price contracts secure savings to clients and increase uptime through a high SLA. We guarantee 99.95% energy uptime.

  • We developed our own hybrid energy solutions that generate over 90% fuel savings compared to conventional diesel gensets running 24/7.

  • Our solutions require zero upfront investment by Client. HYBRICO retains equipment ownership during life of leasing contract through SPV. MNOs book our fees as a combination of OPEX and Capital Lease.

  • HYBRICO's contracts are divided into: LEASING Contract (design, engineering, manufacturing, civil works, installation and commissioning) and O&M Contract (all preventive and corrective maintenance, diesel procurement, transportation, fueling, electric bill for bad-grid sites, and 24/7 remote monitoring and control).

  • Our proprietary software - HY-NET - monitors and controls every component of our solution through IoT. Our NOC operates 24/7 and provides real-time information to maximize efficiencies.

We have over 20 years of experience providing energy technology and servicing energy infrastructure for mission critical sites.

  • Our founding investor E 10 ( is a leading VC firm addressing emerging markets energy challenges.

  • Our high-performance team has expertise and experience in clean tech, energy infrastructure, regional operations, energy-as-a-service legal and finance, and servicing MNOs and other industries with mission critical needs.

  • HYBRICO integrates locally with world-class components and cutting-edge energy storage technology. Our design is robust, compact and modular.

  • We obsess with having the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) in the market, being the No.1 priority of our R&D team.

  • We provide services in all Latin America, with a specific focus in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Our HQ are located in Edificio OEG in zona 4 in Guatemala City, a creativity and technology regional epicenter. Our infrastructure includes open-office spaces with quiet rooms, meeting rooms, conference and training rooms, lounge areas, a café, an R&D lab, a 24/7 NOC and an off-site manufacturing facility.

Edificio OEG
Via 6, 3-56, Zona 4
Guatemala, Guatemala

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